Tieste combines 40 years' experience in Australia, USA and Ireland in biz dev, software consulting, general and project management with the rich pool of dev talent in Eastern Europe.

Product incubator

We want to invest in your great app idea. At over a million apps today, you need much more than just programming and a hope to go viral to make it. We can build, manage, market a whole product that people will use.

Partner Models

Think more than just hourly, fixed cost or other old billing models. A product's success can depend as much on the partnership as it does the developer. We don't just say this: we've already acted on it. On select projects, we have successfully created some partner models as a better option than traditional billing models.


Boutique. Specialized. Attention-to-detail. We build stuff, products, even your own offshore office. We do design, consulting, management, development. We don't do dozens of greenhorn programmers with a big hourly markup!

Who we are!

A team of design lovers with a special way of doing things.

We are a young, ambitious software business! Tieste is a small technology outfit based out of Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine. Tieste was established to bring to market interesting and innovative product ideas with commercial potential. Our years of living and working in Ukraine have led us to expand our portfolio to services that offer our clients the huge advantage of using native English speakers with business and tech backgrounds in the West to set up in the East.

Tieste's founders, Stephen and Tiernan, represent a combined 40 years' experience in Australia, USA and Ireland in business development, software consulting, general and project management. This makes Tieste very unusual in a region dominated by large "body shop" businesses that hire out hundreds of programmers trying to bridge the communication gap to Western clients.

Tieste addresses the different needs of very different types of client:

  • The IT novice. He has a fantastic idea for a new mobile app but doesn't have enough know-how. He's tested the idea on his friends and done market research. He knows it takes more than just programming to make a successful product.
  • The company Program Manager has more requests than she can meet. She regularly reviews projects with executive management, postponing or ignoring initiatives that are important even if not the highest priority.
  • The Business Owner thinks there must be some advantages for selective offshore development but he expects the scale, investment and risk involved probably puts this option out of his reach.

Tieste further distinguishes itself by already having proactively developed genuine partnership models in more than 60% of its portfolio, naming this business function "product incubation". One of these partnerships, Diarize, was included in the top 30 startups out of hundreds of startups participating in IDCEE 2012. Not surprisingly, perhaps, Tieste is closely involved with the startup and Internet entrepreneurship communities in Ukraine and other parts of the CIS. Tieste continues to seek, design, build, manage, publish tech products and product ideas, from mobile apps to an offshore office. We do design, consulting, management, development, investment. We don't do dozens of green programmers with a big hourly markup!

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