Our Services

Tieste Group offers a unique set of services in technology and software development—and by "unique", we mean "one-of-a-kind"—designed specifically to solve common problems in uncommon ways.

Each Tieste business addresses the different needs of very different types of customers.  For example:

  • The IT novice with a desire to create a new mobile app may have a fantastic idea, but is unlikely to have the skills, time, funds or experience to bring that idea to life
  • A program manager or project office often has more requests than it can meet, and may need to prioritize with executive management which initiatives it will execute, and which must be sacrificed or postponed
  • A business would like to take advantage of offshore development but the scale, investment and risk involved may put such an option out of reach

All these scenarios represent very real needs.  However, the time, money, resourcing, skill and risk profiles involved vary greatly: each of them demands its own individual solution.

Given how common scenarios like these are, it is frankly surprising that the models we have developed to service these needs are not already widespread in our industry.

Tieste Product Incubator — A business intended to make good app ideas a reality, with both funding and delivery of every stage of the product lifecycle.  Yes, if we think you have a good idea, we can even pay to build your app! The best app ideas are often thought up by individuals who are not in the technology industry and who don't have the substantial amount of time, money and know-how needed to make their ideas a reality. Our aim is to prove your idea by getting it to market, and not by seeing someone else build and sell your idea first!

Tieste Partner Models — Technology and Finance Partnering. Budget, resource and time constraints often really slow down a business' ability to take advantage of opportunities and respond to threats. We not only manage and provide resources for your development projects, we can even help pay for them. We are serious about "shared risk/shared reward". This can be achieved in different ways by, for example, agreeing to be paid out of revenues earned by the product we deliver to you. Already, 60% of our portfolio has a specific partner model attached. Our unique approach offers an unmatched vehicle for the most competitive businesses that need to be agile.

Tieste Outsourcing — A boutique software development business intended to allow clients to start small before making any major commitments and taking any large risks. Our flexibility plays an important part in your risk management. You may choose to "own" your own team—even your own office—or you may prefer to hire for a specific project. Your operation scales up in the manner most appropriate to your needs. We are a Western-owned business founded by native English speakers who gained their experience in business and IT in Australia, Ireland and America. Since 2004, we have worked in and with distributed development as clients, managers and suppliers. We believe we genuinely understand your needs.

Tieste Labs —  Tieste also participates in business partnerships in which Tieste usually contributes the development effort. The products or systems do not necessarily publicly bear the Tieste brand. Typical examples are the startup "Web 2.0" type of sites.