Partner Models

Our mission is to give businesses greater ability to use technology to act upon opportunities and threats, to do so in a timely manner, and with reduced risk.

Executive management is often challenged by IT's limited capacity to execute upon technology strategies effectively; IT departments are often challenged by demands that they do more with less.

Budget, resource and time constraints can significantly slow down a business' ability to take advantage of opportunities and respond to threats. We not only manage and provide resources for your development projects, we'll even put some skin in the game! What do you think of when someone talks about a venture or technology "partner":

  • Defer payment till the product is able to generate revenues?
  • Share risk and reward?
  • Accommodate compensation model on a case-by-case basis?
  • Develop flexible arrangements for greater mutual benefit?

We believe that this is the real definition of the word "partner". If your business is lean and competitive, you understand the importance of agility—both for you and your partnerships. We are young, lean, agile!

Please contact us if you have any ideas, projects, problems you would like to discuss!