Product Incubator

Our mission is to work with you to turn your great app idea into a product that people want to buy and use.

Every day, people all over the world are thinking up brilliant new ideas for apps. Of these, only a small percentage see their ideas through to reality. Despite this, the rate of submissions to the app stores is enormous--it has been estimated that the Apple app store alone receives almost 1000 submissions a day! Of these, a large percentage of apps attract revenue of $0. Clearly, a successful app requires more than just a good idea: research, planning, design, quality, marketing are also critical factors in an app's success. We can help with any or all stages of production. We can provide the resources and experience necessary to plan, develop, distribute and sell the product and--even better--if you have an excellent idea, we'll even pay for its development!

If you are convinced that you have the idea for a runaway app success but need assistance to get it there, please contact us.